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S.O.B.E.R. Breathing

There are many ways to build mindfulness into your daily life and routine and I'll be using this blog to share some simple and easy to use practices.

Being clear headed requires being free from the distractions and intensity of anger, anxiety, frustration and cravings (for food, for alcohol, for intimacy, for things to be different...)  Be "sober" from the intoxicating effects of strong emotions by using the following practice.

S.O.B.E.R. breathing is a technique developed in the MBRP (Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention) program.

S.top-  take a break, step away from the situation.

O.bserve - take a self-reflective moment to assess what is happening 

B.reath - take three (or more) slow, deep breaths and focus all of your awareness on the experience of breathing.

E.xpand - open your awareness up to include your body, location and overall situation.

R.espond - make a choice instead of getting swept up in reacting.

Being present, here and now, takes coming back to the moment over and over and over again.  Take several 1-5 minute breaks throughout your day to SOBER up while you develop the art of being in the here in now.

Try it... and then let me know what you experienced.