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Tanya T. Wiser, LCSW LICENSE #l7621


The work I do is guided by the principles of psychology, contemplative insight and neuroscience-based practices that support our heart and minds ability to heal. My approach to therapy has evolved over many years of clinical practice, study and an intensive Buddhist meditation practice. There are three primary clinical modalities that I draw upon, Mindfulness based therapy, Compassion focused therapy and Somatic Experiencing.  Each clinical practice is in itself a powerful support for the process of healing but when combined further enhance and accelerate our innate and natural capacity to find balance, wholeness and joy.

Sometimes our circumstances, thoughts, emotions or responsibilities feel like a barrier separating us from those we love as well as from what is happening in the present moment. If your intention is to be more present in your life Mindfulness, Compassion and Somatic Experiencing practices can help you. In addition, if you have experienced trauma, are struggling with addictive behaviors or have difficulty processing emotional experiences the added benefits of bilateral stimulation, by way of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), can support and even enhance your therapeutic healing process.

When you enter mindful psychotherapy, If you decide to do so, I will offer you tools, support and therapeutic techniques with your personal needs and preferences in mind. With these in place, along with some practice, you will learn it is possible to stop reactive behaviors such as the impulsive running away from experiences and unhelpful reactions to undesirable feelings. Instead, you will discover how to repeatedly turn toward your experiences and challenges with more understanding, wisdom, courage and skillfulness so that you are empowered to navigate your own uniquely personal, wise and compassionate path through life.

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